Exploring the Tokenomics of $GMTKN

Welcome to Article 2 of our series on $GMTKN (Get Money Token). In this article, we will dive into the tokenomics of $GMTKN, providing a comprehensive breakdown of its distribution mechanisms and how they benefit token holders.

$GMTKN operates on a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 tokens, each with 18 decimal places. This ample supply allows for widespread adoption and accessibility. The tokenomics of $GMTKN are designed to promote liquidity, incentivize holders, and fuel the growth of the ecosystem.

When it comes to transactions involving $GMTKN, a buy/sell tax of 9% is applied. Let’s take a closer look at how this tax is distributed:

  1. Liquidity Pool (4%): When buying or selling $GMTKN, 4% of the transaction amount is automatically added to the liquidity pool. This mechanism ensures a healthy and growing liquidity for the token, which in turn contributes to its stability and trading volume.
  2. Reward Pool (2%): Another 2% of each transaction goes into the reward pool. This pool allows token holders to autoclaim BTCB rewards or manually claim any BNB paired token through our smart contract. This feature provides additional incentives for holders to participate actively in the $GMTKN ecosystem.
  3. Jackpot Pool (1%): To add excitement and the potential for big rewards, 1% of each transaction is allocated to the jackpot pool. The jackpot is automatically triggered every 50th buy, and lucky winners receive automatic payouts. This feature adds a unique element of surprise and increases engagement within the $GMTKN community.
  4. Project Development (1%): The development and growth of the $GMTKN ecosystem are crucial for its long-term success. Therefore, 1% of each transaction is allocated to project development. These funds enable the team to continuously improve the token, enhance security measures, and explore new opportunities for expansion.
  5. Intellectual Property (1%): Protecting intellectual property is essential in the rapidly evolving crypto space. With this in mind, 1% of each transaction is dedicated to safeguarding the intellectual property associated with $GMTKN. These funds ensure that the project’s innovations and unique features are protected and can be further developed.

By distributing the transaction tax among these different pools, $GMTKN ensures that the interests of token holders, liquidity providers, and the project itself are aligned. This balanced approach promotes liquidity, incentivizes holding, and provides exciting opportunities for the community to benefit.

The tokenomics of $GMTKN create a dynamic and self-sustaining ecosystem. As more transactions occur, the liquidity pool grows, increasing the stability and trading capacity of $GMTKN. Simultaneously, the reward and jackpot pools accumulate, presenting ongoing opportunities for holders to be rewarded for their participation.

In conclusion, the tokenomics of $GMTKN are designed to optimize the benefits for token holders while promoting the growth and stability of the ecosystem. With the strategic allocation of the transaction tax to the liquidity pool, reward pool, jackpot pool, project development, and intellectual property, $GMTKN offers a comprehensive and balanced approach to value creation.

Stay tuned for Article 3, where we will explore the roadmap of $GMTKN and highlight the key milestones and targets for the development of this exciting cryptocurrency.

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